Updates for Deep Flow

An overview of Deep Flow Writer releases

  1. Bug Fixes

    Fixed format of export .docx file.

  2. Beta Status - FREE Trial Period

    The Deep Flow Writer app is in beta status. There is a free trial during beta status. We will let users know a month before we leave beta status, so users will have plenty of notice.

    We are continuing development to bring Deep Flow Writer app to 1.0. Please let us know any of any problems that might occur for you.

  3. Book Export

    Added basic book export as a Word (.docx) file. Will add more exporting options later.

  4. Drag and Drop Sortable Chapters

    Added ability to drag and drop chapters. This also includes chapter order sorting.

  5. Books and chapters

    Added ability to create books and chapters (Standard membership).

  6. Word Count Progress Indicator Added

    A beautiful circular word count goal was added to the right sidebar of Basic Pages. It will be improved even further.

  7. Deep Flow Writer App Updated

    The Deep Flow Writer app has been updated to match the new branding.

  8. Rebranded Deep Flow Website

    New found energy is being harnessed. Deep Flow has been redesigned. A new color theme, new logo, and fresh new modern design that we feel better fits the community we are trying to build.

  9. Zen Mode Added

    Zen mode makes everything but your text fade away. (Standard membership)

  10. Dark Mode Added

    Dark mode helps save your eyes especially when writing at night. (Standard membership)

  11. Edit Mode Added

    Edit mode has the ability to easily show and hide grammar browser extension markup (ProWriting Aid, Grammarly). Leave the grammar extensions on and use Deep Flow writer to control their visibility. (Basic and Standard membership)

  12. Deep Flow Writer Launched (Beta)

    Basic Membership is available for free.

    See announcement